Booking for spring startups now!

Posted by: IRRIGO on March 23rd, 2016


It’s hard to believe, but it seems that spring 2016 is upon us already! Looking out the window at the moment, the Cherry trees are in full bloom, the Magnolias are starting bud out, and there’s splashes of colour in every garden bed in sight. This time of year never ceases to reinforce all the great reasons why we live on Vancouver Island!

We’re already getting busy with irrigation work on many larger properties and will be moving into residential service work and conservation-focused improvements and renovations over the coming weeks as March progresses and we enter April.

Please get in touch with IRRIGO at any time to engage us for ongoing irrigation service and management work, and/or to discuss your spring and summer irrigation projects.

Happy spring everyone!

  • to irrigate
  • to irrigate responsibly

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