Irritrol CL Remote – A great addition to any irrigation system!

Posted by: IRRIGO on June 6th, 2014

We’ve been using a lot of the Irritrol Climate Logic™ remotes over the last year, but haven’t really put them to the test until the last couple of months, as we’ve been switching several of the residential and light commercial irrigation systems that we maintain over to them.

Overall, the CL remotes have exceeded our expectations for a residential / light commercial irrigation remote. We recently tested one on a large multi-family complex in Victoria, BC, and were pleasantly surprised that the unit was able to communicate perfectly from out in the landscape at almost all points of the property. At the furthest points, this was likely sending signal out over 275 M / 900’, and had to go through at least 2 M / 6’ of concrete down into the parkade to get to the receiver and controller.

It started to struggle and have some packet loss after that range, but even still, we were able to hold it up high and get it to communicate after one or two tries in most cases. VERY impressive for a residential and light commercial irrigation remote indeed!

All in all, these remotes are a great enhancement to any irrigation system, and provide strong value to homeowners, landscapers, irrigation contractors, etc.

Based on some quick and rough math, on an average system startup or inspection of a residential irrigation system, we estimate the water savings by having a fast-response wireless remote like this to be in the neighbourhood of 113 – 190 Litres /  30 – 50 Gallons for every five zones a system has.

Given these savings alone, the IRRIGO team is a big fan of these remotes and look forward to setting many more systems up with them!

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