Oak Bay Drip Irrigation System

Posted by: IRRIGO on February 27th, 2014

The landscape and gardens on this site were a great blend of native plantings and low maintenance choices. Several of the rear gardens were installed under and around established Garry Oaks and required a sensitive approach and installation at every step of the project.

The nuances of irrigating around Garry Oaks are critical. We needed to approach the areas immediately around the oaks with minimal/no trenching, and we needed to ensure that the system was zoned properly to allow for very specific application in those areas, and different application as we moved away from the root zones of the oak trees.

We accomplished this by splitting up our zones with several key decision factors:

  • Topography:  Elevated areas were zoned together to ensure no low-area drainage.
  • Oak zones: All areas under and around the Oaks were treated independently with drip irrigation. This added on a little more work than grouping them all together. However, this additional control allows for extremely efficient irrigation application, exceptional control over the volume of water applied in a given period of time, and we can isolate and turn off certain zones to ensure the long-term health of the incredible Garry Oaks.
  • Drip irrigation: Pressure-compensating drip tubing was installed for slow application of irrigation water and precise control.
  • High efficiency sprays and multi-streamed rotors on turf: We tightened up spacing to about 60% overlap on most areas of this site to ensure a very uniform coverage with the prevailing winds and to minimize overspray onto the beds.

Working in established gardens and landscapes can be tricky, and if plant health isn’t held at the top of the priority list, damage to trees and other plant material can be devastating. Working with certified professionals can help ensure your irrigation project goes smoothly and promotes the long-term health of gardens.

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