Rainwater collection and harvesting on small and medium scales can be an exceptional way to reduce the overall footprint of a site or building, along with providing a great source of sustainable water for a variety of uses.

IRRIGO works with clients who are interested in rainwater harvesting solutions for two main purposes:

  1. For environmental or site considerations / runoff reduction
  2. For water source and return on investment purposes

Some of the rainwater harvesting services we offer include system planning and design, troubleshooting existing systems, project management for large installations and maintenance programme creation.

Depending on your location, rainwater harvesting systems may be welcomed and accepted by local and regional governments, or could be something quite new to them. Helping navigate this process is something we can assist with through solid knowledge, awareness and the ability to discuss complexities of rainwater systems with plumbing and building inspectors.

Get in touch with us today, and learn about rainwater harvesting system assessments. 


  • to irrigate
  • to irrigate responsibly

We provide high quality irrigation and landscape lighting services in and around Victoria, BC. Contact us to discuss your project or how we can help maintain your existing system.