Saltspring Island Drip Irrigation System

Posted by: IRRIGO on February 21st, 2014

This project was completed in early 2012 and involved working closely with Integral Design to design and implement a high-end drip irrigation system on Saltspring Island, BC.

Working with Integral’s design team and the homeowners, the IRRIGO team designed an irrigation system with some pretty interesting features, including:

  • ClimateLogic on-site weather sensing system to promote the highest level of water savings through automatic daily adjustments of the irrigation run times.
  • A controller capable of running down to 1 second for very specific application of water in sensitive areas such as containers and joints between stepping stones with minimal soil depths.
  • Over 3,000 feet of drip emitter tubing installed across 15 zones to provide water in an exacting manner where and when it is needed. And nothing more.
  • Sections of the system under shelter installed in such a way that they could be run throughout the winter with provisions to ensure protection during the cold months.
  • Handheld remote control allowing for operation of the system from anywhere on the property.

Working with drip irrigation is a major focus of IRRIGO when it comes to irrigating landscapes and gardens. We’ve worked with drip irrigation on hundreds of projects and have seen all the ins and outs of it.

In our opinion, drip irrigation provides the most flexible, efficient and tailored solution for irrigating garden beds. However, it needs to be planned and installed by people who understand how it works. IRRIGO can help with your drip irrigation design, planning, conversion or installation project.

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